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  1. mcwei1234

    Main Happy New Year 2022!

    Happy New Year 2022! The new year brings in new opportunities, We are wishes all player is Happy and Healthy in the New Year! By G4mEWorld. Happy New Year 2022!
  2. mcwei1234

    Classic SkyBlock Classic SkyBlock Launch Date Announcement

    Good New to all player, our Classic SkyBlock Server will be Launch in Late to the December! By G4mEWorld. Best Wish
  3. mcwei1234

    Main Merry Christmas!

    HO~ HO~ HO~ Merry Christmas to all player in G4mEWorld! Free to enjoy the holiday with us! Christmas season are coming and meaning the New Year is coming! By G4mEWorld. Merry Christmas!
  4. mcwei1234

    Earth Ho Ho Ho~ Enjoy the Xmas Fishing Event!

    Hi to all player in G4mEWorld. Remember to play the Xmas Fishing Event :D Only available at 1st of the December until 31 of the December Best Wished and Great Day! By G4mEWorld
  5. mcwei1234

    Notes Notes - Earth Server (Patch v1.1)

    G4mEWorld Earth - Update Notes (Patch v1.1) Added Fishing System Fishing Xmas Event use /emf xmas to check the Xmas Event Best Wished and Great Day! By G4mEWorld
  6. mcwei1234

    Notes Notes - Earth Server (Patch v1.0)

    G4mEWorld Earth - Update Notes (Patch v1.0) Planned open to public in (1st-December-2021) Gameplay Features List Anti-Cheat Realistic Earth Map Core Protect Residence Online Map Auction Listing In-game Tags Random Teleport Shop Events Auto Reboot Report Features Discord Chat with In-game and...
  7. mcwei1234

    Earth Earth Server launch time announced!

    Hi to all player in G4mEWorld. Good News! Our Earth SMP Server will be launch in the 1st of the December (GMT+8 TIMEZONE) Feel free to play now! A fun, Unique Minecraft Survival Experience to play by yourself or with friends on the Realistic Earth Map in Minecraft! Server Support Version ...
  8. mcwei1234

    Main Our Information and Minecraft Server Address (IP)

    Hi to all player feel free to join our server by copy the Ip Address below! Server IP : Backup IP : Website : Discord : Support : Best Wished and Great Day! By G4mEWorld
  9. mcwei1234

    Notes Notes - PaintBall Server (Patch v1.0)

    G4mEWorld PaintBall - Update Notes (Patch v1.0) Update Complete and open to public in 8:30 PM (23-August-2021) PaintBall Map List Abyss (TDM) Parkour (TDM) Winter Fortress (FFA) Best Wished and Great Day! By G4mEWorld
  10. mcwei1234

    PaintBall PaintBall Server has been launch!!!

    Hi to all player in G4mEWorld. Good News! Our PaintBall Server has been launch! Feel free to play now! Come and enjoy the Old Classic Minigame in our server when waiting our G4mEWorld Earth Server launch time! Best Wished and Great Day! By G4mEWorld